Case Studies

We could sit here and talk about how great we are all day but we don’t have that kind of time – we’re too busy making our clients internet famous. So instead of singing our own praises, we’ll let our case studies do it for us.

Ancira | Work Trucks Delivered


Competing against every brand imaginable in one of largest cities in the nation, Ancira Commercial needed strategic exposure online to capture and maintain top of mind awareness for business owners seeking new vehicles.


Vant designed and built a completely custom online configuration style web tool and created a series of digital marketing campaigns to drive high qualified leads in at their time of interest. This solution included a custom website, complete search and social media campaigns for both organic and paid initiatives and total lead quality tracking.


Ancira Commercial has experienced unprecedented growth over the last two years and has more than doubled this line of their business and continue to grow today. 200%+ growth with consistent high-quality leads delivered from multiple mediums.

People always ask me what’s my secret and I say it’s the team we work with and Vant has become a huge part of that

Larry | Ancira

Alpaca | Audiology at Scale


Expanding from a scaling group purchasing entity to a national name in local audiology practices, visibility to performance data from market share to return on investment was critical to scale intelligently both top and bottom line revenue.


Vant designed and built a completely custom performance dashboard specific to the Audiology industry that provides real-time visibility to all the key performance indicators in each market. This paired with a custom web and digital campaign that is specific to each market but complimentary to the growing national brand.


With a rapid national expansion, Vant has enabled the Alpaca team to strategically plan the market potential for new markets as they come and bring each to life within the Alpaca brand within the first month of being introduced to the market.

At Alpaca, we pride ourselves in doing things different and better than they were before. The Vant team has proven to be quite the asset there. Again, thank you!

Brian | Alpaca

Granzin's | Local Legacy Revitalized


With an iconic local brand in place, the central Texas population continued to grow rapidly. Delivering the highest quality meat and food products, Granzin’s sought to refresh their brand to adapt to the ever-changing market they had helped build.


Vant helped design everything from their branding through to a complete online sales system with shipping and email database integrations. With that launched, Vant began optimizing campaigns to not only drive traffic to the stores and website, but to get them to take action on a recurring basis.


Since the rebrand has been brought to life, Granzin’s has climbed to a dominant player on the state and even national level shipping products domestically and internationally and continue to climb in ranking to overtake national competitors.

We were nervous by the thought of rebranding our business, but Vant has made this transition smoother and more lucrative than we anticipated.

Zane | Granzin’s

UDK | Domination in Disaster


Owning a legacy brand that is one of the largest in the state and among the top in the nation, UDK had a successful foundation and engaged Vant in the hopes of taking good to great and bring all of their digital marketing to the standards they operate their business within.


Vant designed and built a completely custom website and refreshed their entire digital presence to provide more real-time visibility to what was and wasn’t working. Additionally, as the ‘big boy on campus’ Vant has had to continually protect and combat smaller local competitors bidding on their name and imitating their brand.


The UDK brand is more visible than ever and is continually climbing in each of the markets it services both rural and domestic throughout the state. This paired with complete lead quality visibility, UDK is able to effectively assess the ROI of each initiative.

Our loyalty to Vant grows each and every day. The service you provide to us is so interactive and collaborative. I feel like your team is sitting in the office next door. I just love it!

Keri | UDK

The Internet is Neat

Nobody reads magazines while handling their business anymore, so ditch that old school ad. If you want to get seen, you need internet things. We do those things.