Savings cost per sale digitally


American Hearing + Audiology was poised for rapid growth and was seeking a digital marketing partner that could grow with them. They needed a partner that could drive profitable results online, help them dominate local markets and seamlessly on-board new locations as they were opened / acquired.


Vant designed and developed a custom solution to provide centralized visibility over each of their locations while providing keyword and campaign level insight to performance at each location. This paired with localized creative campaigns have been delivered and continually improved.


This centralized visibility paired with a local creative approach have delivered continual quarter-over-quarter growth and have now set the bar in what can be delivered digitally. Cost per lead, appointment and sale are among the lowest of all marketing efforts and steadily improving.

We have finally found a digital marketing partner that can deliver results and the performance insights we need to scale… thank you Vant!

Scott | American Hearing + Audiology

We Do Internet Things

And just what do you think you’re going to accomplish with that flyer you call a newspaper insertion? If you want to get seen, you need internet things. We do those things.