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Owning a legacy brand that is one of the largest in the state, and among the top in the nation, UDK had a successful foundation and engaged Vant in the hopes of growing from good to great, bringing their digital marketing to the same standards in which they operate their business.


Vant designed and built a completely custom website and refreshed their entire digital presence to provide more real-time visibility to what was and wasn’t working. Additionally, as the ‘big boy on campus,’ Vant had to continually protect and combat smaller local competitors bidding on their name and imitating their brand.


The UDK brand is more visible than ever and is continually climbing in each of the rural and domestic markets it services throughout the state. This paired with complete lead quality visibility, UDK is able to effectively assess the ROI of each initiative.

Our loyalty to Vant grows each and every day. The service you provide to us is so interactive and collaborative. I feel like your team is sitting in the office next door. I just love it!

Keri | UDK

We Do Internet Things

And just what do you think you’re going to accomplish with that flyer you call a newspaper insertion? If you want to get seen, you need internet things. We do those things.