We give our local clients and national clients the same attention. You'll find we're unlike typical digital marketing vendors where stuff is stuff and results are your problem. Here's a sample of the companies who have reaped the benefits of our Digitally Propelled sm approach.

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There is no shortage of digital marketing companies. The Vant difference is that we provide complete visibility from the first impression to a closed new customer.

Ultimately, helping our clients is all about seeing results. Data matters more than opinions; yours, ours, or anyone who isn’t a customer. We always strive for powerful visuals and content, but we also pay attention to the numbers. Until data says we win, we won’t rest on “good enough.”

In a relatively short time, we’ve gained both local and national attention with our approach. We go where those with less digital marketing experience typically struggle, and we don’t shy away from difficult challenges. If we’re convinced your business strategy is solid – and this isn’t our first rodeo – we can take it to the next level.

Case Studies


This relationship began by assisting Estes Audiology with their digital marketing initiatives. With a focus on co-op compliance, the US arm of a $2B Swiss hearing aid manufacturer - Phonak - was engaged. By delivering click-to-close visibility, Vant quickly expanded to a full national campaign for Phonak, now in more than 30 states.

The Foundry Salon

Forged by a couple of local icons, consistency is everything to stand out in the hair coloring and styling business. From initial salon concept and design all the way to a booming modern facility, Vant was involved every step of the way. The Foundry story continues with new staff, an expanding client base, and high-profile community events.


The market for light commercial work trucks in San Antonio is intensely competitive, and one of the leaders in Chevy truck sales is Ancira Commercial. In this case, our objective was to drive new truck sales inbound and establish the cost-for-new-truck-sales online. In less than three months, Vant was able to get their cost-per-new-truck request below $250 and today, that cost is still falling.

Granzin's Market

A legacy local meat market had expanded to three locations and was ready for a complete brand refresh as they continued that growth into the next generation. Vant’s objective was to establish a cohesive, modern brand that paid homage to their well-known family name and Texas roots. With these creative assets in place, our focus is shifting to complete digital marketing and online sales implementation.


Ever wonder how your phone gets all the cool features that help it save power? These kinds of technical optimizations are some of the ways Sonics drives the semiconductor industry to new heights. With a highly technical offering, our objective was to leverage digital storytelling to build a complete content marketing plan that delivered qualified B2B customers online.

Edwards Aquifer/HEB

HEB continually strives to support the local communities they serve. As they expanded with a third store in New Braunfels, their objective was to showcase the area creatively. With our help, HEB and the Edwards Aquifer Authority captured 3D panoramic footage of all the local rivers. Vant then designed, created, and implemented custom information kiosks for all three local stores.

Testimonial - Estes Audiology

We have tried every form of marketing you can imagine and had no idea what was working and what wasn’t until we met Vant Marketing. Having complete visibility has changed our way of doing business.

Soriya Estes, AuD - Estes Audiology