What We Do

We’re friends now, right? Cool. Here’s a secret: lead generation and conversions are not digital marketing services. They’re actually the results you should expect for paying someone for digital marketing services. Below is a list of our services – they lead to those things.

Web Development

We’ll build a website that your target customers will want to see and read. Already have a website? Awesome. We’ll turn it into a site your target customers will want to see and read.

Search Engine Marketing

Now that your website is presentable, we’ll put our internet skills to work by using special internet tools to get your brand and website at the top of search engines and in people’s faces.

Social Media Marketing

You can’t go anywhere without seeing people staring at their phone. You know what they’re looking at? The social media platforms your business need to be on. We can manage that for you.

Email Marketing

You know what else people are staring at on their phones? Their emails. Maybe. It’s probably still social media but at some point they do check their emails – where they’ll see you again.

Real-Time Visibility

You’re seen, now what? Now, you get to witness results – and by that we mean you’ll have access to an easy-to-read dashboard that tracks important things like those growing dolla’ dolla’ bills.

We Do Internet Things

And just what do you think you’re going to accomplish with that flyer you call a newspaper insertion? If you want to get seen, you need internet things. We do those things.

Where Did I Just Land?

Good question. You’ve arrived at Vant Marketing, where our team is busy making internet things happen for our clients. You won’t find us speaking in tongues with the latest digital marketing terminology. We’re not going to buzzword you into a contract. We’re here to grow your business. If that interests you, then we may have just become best friends.

We’re Hiring

Are you a thought leader? Have you scaled the digital landscape? Then don’t apply here – you should know us by now. If you’re someone who has internet skills you think could contribute to our continual quest in growing our clients’ businesses, we want to hear from you.